Mission Statement

Our mission at CareGiverDays is to ensure that your loved ones age safely and enjoyably in the home setting of their choice, for as long as possible, experiencing comfort and understanding. We provide reliable, dependable, family-friendly, informative, and familiar care professionals to interact with your loved ones. It is our duty to encourage, as well as, promote healthy and safe habits assuring that your loved ones maintain the lifestyle and practices to which they have become accustomed.



If your loved one begins to show signs of failing mental health it is a very painful realization. We are here to assist you with easing that pain by caring for them with compassion, respect, and love. Together we will determine the hobbies and interests they have practiced in the past and still wish to pursue. Then together we can build activity into their daily routine to maintain consistency even if just for a small portion of each day. They will be encouraged to observe healthy eating habits and exercise to the extent that they can manage.

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

If you have been compromised physically and unable to handle daily activities of living we will be your chief helper. If you are seeking help for your aging loved one we will provide these services for them. These include but are not limited to healthy meal planning with suggestions from you and them, errands, laundry, medical reminders, assisting with making appointments, medicine reminders, and following up with pharmacies. We will help to keep their living space neat, clean, clutter-free to avoid falls and in order. Your loved one will have someone with whom they can converse, relate their stories, and keep up with trends in their fields of interest.

Return From Hospital and Telemedicine

Having spent time in a hospital may have you, or your loved one returning with less than the full capabilities to get around as you did previously. You will have our full attention to assist with tasks around your home. You will receive our assistance in keeping the line of communication unbroken with therapists, arranging follow-up tests, staying in touch with your doctors including utilizing the telehealth conduit of your choice. You will not need to worry about having your errands completed, or food preparation. Let our care professional know of your preferences so that our team can make the necessary arrangements you require.

Distance Family Management

Being many miles away from your loved one while trying to care for them when they are ailing can be very challenging. You will receive relief from that stress by way of you having our care professionals doing short visits to their place of residence and keeping you updated in real-time. Or, you may choose to have our care professionals spend a longer time making sure there is companionship, and conversation thus lessening a feeling of loneliness. You will have the comfort that our trained care professionals will assist your family with long-distance communication. We will be your eyes and ears at the hospital, nursing home or an individual's private home. In the event of the continued pandemic, we can be the critical visitor when allowed to see and comfort your family member if they are residing in a care facility.

Fall Prevention Evaluation

We all love our homes to be decorated and designed to our own taste. However, when the time arrives for removing rugs which are tripping devices, or tables placed at the wrong angle you may need an evaluation of your surroundings. Such action is necessary for your safety. Should you already be required to use a walker, or a cane it may take some time in getting accustomed to that new practice. You can have one of our care professionals come in, and spend some time helping you become comfortable with your new doctor recommended walking assistant.

Respite Care

When you are the 24/7 in-home caregiver for your loved one you will need a break to refresh your body, mind, and spirit. Loving yourself and loving your family member goes together hand in hand. For you to keep giving them the best care you will need to replenish your supply of energy. You the caregiver will need a care professional to come in so you can have some respite. We will be your back up to take over, so you can have the mini-vacations and staycations or, spa treatments you need to come back and continue giving that loving care.

Our Five Promises

Aide and client


Your chosen care professional will bring a positive attitude to your life each day they visit, and leave you with uplifting thoughts.



The care professional coming into your home has the passion to care for others with compassion, respect, and dedication which they will always display with you.



Your care professional's mission and purpose is to keep you functioning with dignity and a sense of satisfaction every time they are in your home.

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Caring for your loved one is a partnership among CareGiverDays, you and the family member overseeing your care. Your surrogate will be kept informed of any concerns and celebrations.



Respecting your space, belongings, ideas, practices, and personality traits will be evidence of the pride our care professionals exhibit as they spend time caring for you.