About Us

CareGiverDays Senior Home Care Services is a non-medical home care and companion agency based in beautiful Altamonte Springs, FL. We cover Seminole and Orange Counties specializing in early memory loss care, after hospital care, sitting services in nursing homes, hospitals, and helping around the home where a senior now has less mobility to handle their daily tasks safely. We work with you wherever you are whether it is in an assisted living facility, or your private home where we are running your errands with or, for you, accompanying you on doctors visits, shopping, visiting with friends, medical appointments, transportation to and from adult daycare centers, and assistance in the activities of daily living.

Our clients are aging seniors, someone recovering from a debilitating hospital stay, or family members caring for loved ones at home who are seeking respite. We care for seniors who choose to age in their long-time home, move into a nursing home, or into an assisted living facility. We go to one's place of residence wherever that may be and will stay with your loved one even during a hospital stay, being your stand-in when you cannot be by their bedside.

We can provide 24/7 care and are just a phone call away. Please use the form at our Contact Page to tell us what you need. Give us a call at (407) 536-4544 or email us at ruth@caregiverdays.com.

We look forward to assisting you.

Our Commitment to Quality - Why  Choose Our Care

Because your safety and well-being are foremost in our mind we differentiate ourselves by teaming with care professionals who are proven compassionate individuals and are willing to provide regularity of visits. Our care professionals will work with you to create a daily activity that stimulates the mind and keeps you active. At your initial assessment with us, we will determine with you what your day usually looks like and what you wish to accomplish each day. Our care professionals will arrive ready to help you design a plan of action and schedule for the day. If you do not wish to operate with a schedule but would prefer a laissez-faire approach to your day then that is what they will do. Your day is yours to design and our care professionals will not dictate to you what you should be doing. They will encourage you to uphold your own values of good hygiene, healthy eating, exercise, rest, and fun entertainment.

What To Expect From Us

Our care professionals have been vetted and trained to bring you safe, caring, and knowledgeable assistance. We are in the business to ascertain that your family member continues to enjoy their usual activities to the extent possible and work with them in adapting to changes. We will work to continue their hobbies and source you a care professional who is in concert with their ideas and beliefs.

If one has been a voracious reader maybe you would like to spend your time with another like yourself where you can exchange ideas about the authors you both may have shared. Or, they may introduce new authors to the care professional and vice versa. Maybe the care professional will need to read to him/her and sometimes they may want to take turns. We can vary your care plan to suit the need.

Maybe he/she loved to cook and entertain, but watching cooking shows is what they do now. We will find you someone compatible who also enjoys such activities.

Should they be the fan of a particular show or channel on TV like the Hallmark Channel, we can find someone else just as excited to binge-watch with them. Your cultural experiences and practices are important and we will and must honor them.

Our promise is to help your loved one have a great day and enjoy having your care professional's company. You will always know beforehand the name of the care professional who will be coming to your home, and if there needs to be a last-minute change you will receive a phone call. Our care professionals are fully vetted, bonded, and insured.