Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

What we take for granted becomes more burdensome for the aging adult who may be experiencing joint pain, memory loss, or some type of discomfort from a health issue. We recognize that the activities of daily living are very important to an adult who has been caring for themselves all their lives but now find it difficult to organize themselves and manage their what would be routine plans in a day. Our caregivers therefore will be instrumental in ensuring that any of the following which are needed on a particular day is accomplished during their visit.

  • Companionship and mental support
    Our caregivers will be having active conversations with your loved one to hear their life stories and see what activities they may want to pursue on a given day based on their lifestyle.
  • Transportation and shopping
    We can accompany your loved one shopping to the grocery store, pharmacy, book store, place of worship, or the mall if they desire. We have a partnership with so our care professional can give full attention to your loved one while someone else does the driving.
  • Preparing meals
    We can help work out a healthy meal plan for your loved one where they could be the structure they may need. We will also help to prepare the meals or order for pick up and delivery as is available.
  • Managing a person’s household
    We will help your loved one keep their surroundings neat and clean by assisting with light housekeeping, doing laundry and folding clothes, and assuring the dishes are washed and put away or placed in the dishwasher as you require.
  • Managing medications
    Assistance will be given with medication reminders and help with contacting a pharmacy if necessary to re-order.
  • Communicating with others
    If the senior requires our care professional will answer their telephone, pick up the mail, and generally help make the home remain as your loved one has had it arranged.

Please let us know other tasks you may need which would fall under the realm of ADLs and we can add into your particular care plan.