Supervision and Companion Caregiving

As the adult seniors in our families age, they may begin to withdraw from the usual friend groups and associates of recent years. Maybe they have lost a spouse, their friends are passing away and they begin to feel despondent keeping to themselves. Some who live in Assistant Living Facilities will stop going to the dining room where there is plenty of association or abstain from Happy Hour.   They say it is no longer "what it used to be".  What they mean is their friends are all gone.

Unfortunately, many seniors will begin to avoid family even when they most need them if they feel ill. The refrain is that they don't want to be a burden to anyone. That is the very time that they need help, supervision, and companionship. At this time our caregivers are most useful to allay fears the person may be harboring, fill in to assist them when they feel helpless with even small tasks such as organizing a room, or they may begin to feel anxious because they are slower now to get the simple things they have previously done around the home completed.

Our caregivers will spend time with your loved one to assist, converse, play board games, garden, cook, drive to appointments, shop with or for him or her, travel with them to social events. We will help your loved ones get through their day. Let us know what you are requiring. Our caregiver's mission is to make a positive difference in your loved ones' day leaving them feeling uplifted and positive.

Here are some frequently sought-after information resources. Just click on the link to view videos or seek further information on aging.