Dementia Care

When your loved one begins to show symptoms where you say "things are not adding up" you may want to begin by having them seen by a professional who can properly diagnose their changes. There are several types of dementia and you must be careful to see a gerontologist who is a physician interested in helping slow the disease as opposed to one who sees the disease as inevitable to aging. Knowing the type of dementia your loved one is diagnosed with will help guide our care professional as they work through their time assisting him/her throughout their time together. There are many resources to learn about what can be expected in the dementia journey, where to find help, and how to cope now.

To learn more about what your family can do and gain some more knowledge about Dementia here is some extensive information from Dr. Tam Cummings a world-renowned gerontologist. Her website invites you to view videos clearly detailing information and download various resources.

Click on videos to view details and look at the bottom of her website for FREE downloadable resources.

Here are national organizations that may be helpful to you on this journey: