Respite Care

When you are the sole caregiver of a loved one it can sometimes seem overwhelming. When siblings don't pitch in as much as you would like sometimes one person ends doing most of the heavy lifting. Many times siblings deter others from helping by saying much too often or much to quickly "I will take care of that", as they are to only one who can handle the problem. Other family members may say well just go right ahead. But then that very ambitious person will later complain that they are doing everything and at that point will need some time off so their well being is not compromised. We are here to assist you with time off, stay-cation or some decompress time.

You may be happy to know that a recent study was done by John Hopkins University which says in summary:

For decades, family caregiving has been thought to create a type of chronic stress that may lead to significant health risks or even death, alarming potential caregivers and presenting a guilt-ridden obstacle for those needing help.

You can read the article here.

Johns Hopkins Medicine. "Family caregiving may not harm health of caregivers after all." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 13 July 2020.


Journal Reference

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